Your Dedicated Medical Billing Service Team

CHS Medical Billing Services provides communication, transparency and strength to your practice. Giving you the peace of mind to do what you do best.

Our industry leading claims processing and patient engagement solutions delivers the tools required to manage the ever changing healthcare industry. We believe that you should have 100% visability into everything we do for your practice.

CHS Medical Billing Service Features


Front Desk Dashboard

Lytec Medical Billing includes Free Lytec:

Patient scheduling, eligibility verification, appointment reminders, demographics, billing information and balances all in one place. Setting the foundation for a clean medical claim.

Schedules are personalized to your practice. See a single day for a provider or a whole week. View multi providers for each day or by location.

Insurance eligibility is automated and will display updated information daily, a key to the medical billing process.

Our Medical Billing Service is not just RCM.

In addition to expert insurance billing, scrubbing, chasing, and posting, we handle patient billing also.

Collecting and processing co-pays and patient payments quickly and easily, is all part of our medical billing services.  


Real-time Analytics Dashboard

See your practice improve on a daily basis as we display relevant collection information.

Watch as your days in A/R decrease, your % of clean claims increase and your payments come in quicker.


Personalized Practice Workflows for Every Partner

Front Office, Check-in, check-out and patient engagement.

Clinical management, charge capture, coordination of care.

EMR / EHR / Regualtory Reporting