Leadership Team

Michael A. Penna, President / CEO


As Founder, Mike now serves as President and CEO. Having worked with 1000's of providers, staff, hospitals, software companies and consulting groups for decades Mike has a unique understanding of the healthcare eco-system. As a national speaker Mike has provided insight and instruction to many practices and solutions companies. 

Regina M. Morgan, SVP / Operations


Recognized as one of the most experienced and respected professionals in healthcare today. Regina brings a unique blend of practice management, business administration, medical billing processes and provider relations. Building and maintaining a strong organizational culture allows CHS to adapt to changes in the healthcare industry. 

Julee Carlson, VP Services


Julee is responsible for CHS's award winning service and support department. Managing dozens of direct reports and executing against a very challenging SLA, Julee delivers strong leadership and a compass to her Team and our Partners.

Carey Penna, VP Customer Relations


Carey serves two managerial roles at CHS. She manages the customer relations department as well as serving as the primary technology and regulatory liaison. Managing multiple projects requires Carey's high energy level as well as her Six Sigma certification and training. 

Joseph Nompleggi, VP Development


Since joining CHS in 2001, Joe has been a key player in the company's growth and success. During this time Joe has touched every one of our values partners, delivering solutions to solve their needs. 

Joe is committed to driving better technology for independent provider practices to improve healthcare.

The CHS Medical Billing Service Team

Dedicated to the survival of the independent provider practice.